“To live, is to drink”, we always say. We, at Label Lounge take this commitment very seriously by offering the best quality of cocktails, wines, spirits, and soft drinks.

We specialise in home made fruit cocktails, with — like the word says— real fruit. Not some chemical syrup based mix with some alcohol poured in, but decently made fruity drinks. Not a fan of alcohol? Try our wide range of alcohol free fruit cocktails.

“Same taste, no alcohol”.

The die-hards for some good, old fashioned classics do not need to worry. A wide offer is provided for those who like classic elegance.

Wine…The devine liquid of the gods. Not only the beauty secret for thousands of years, but also so deliciously tasteful with some good fresh food.

We continue this old rejuvenating diet by offering a humble assortment of good quality wines from different countries and regions. Whether you like a very dry wine or a full tannin one, we have something for each taste.

We work with small wine suppliers to provide a personalised range, specially designed for our restaurant — and not supermarkets — where price/quality is our main goal.

Fancy a delightful digestif after your dinner? Try out some liquors hardly offered on the island. From Poire Williams to Torres 20, we are sure we could provide you with a nice closure of the evening.

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